Freevoice Telecom Business/Office Phone Systems
Click Here to Download the Norstar Basic Programming Guide

Notice: If you are not familiar with programming functions you should download and read the guide.

Resetting Admin Password 
Press Feature 985
Phone Displays Set: (Your VM Ext.)    
Press the 9 Key
Phone Displays PSWD:     
Enter RESETSMPSWD (73738767793) using the dialpad    
Phone Displays RESET PSWD?  
     YES    NO
Press YES
Phone Displays Password Reset   
Once you have RESET the password, it reverts to the default. See Below
If your system uses 2 digit extensions use 120000
If your system uses 3 digit extensions use 1020000
If your system uses 4 digit extensions use 10020000
Please, give us a call if you need further assistance!
Phone Administration
Voicemail Administration