Freevoice Telecom Business/Office Phone Systems
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Notice: If you are not familiar with programming functions you should download and read the guide.

Enable Forward No Answer To VM
Feature 985  Write down number that displays.
Feature **266344
Log: (Password) 266344
System Displays Terminals & Sets  
Press the SHOW.
System Displays Show Set:  
Enter the Ext.
System Displays (Name) Ext#  
Press SHOW.
System Displays Line Access  
Press NEXT 1 time.
System Displays Capabilities  
Press SHOW then Next
System Displays Fwd on Busy  
Press SHOW.
System Displays Fwd to: ?? (Ext)  
Press Change.
Enter the voicemail extension we checked in the first step.
Hit Release to end.
Please call if you have any questions.
Phone Administration
Voicemail Administration